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  • June 6th. PCB Boards will be on sale in the UK/EU in the next few weeks, once the testing is done here in New Zealand.
  • June 6th. A set of Iss 1.1 boards are currently being built. They include a 3.2″ TFT colour display (which is working well and can display a lot more information. Photos soon) and provision for a CW XTAL Filter. A few other improvements were done as well. The internal USB HUB and Sound board are now working well.
  • The Case designs are underway in DXF format and will be published for download on this site, so you can get them produced locally.
  • A section has been added to the Band Pass Filter page on Understanding Band Pass Filter and setup in a nutshell
  • You can click on the Facebook icon above, and are welcome to join the group.
  • A CW Crystal Filter is now designed in!
  • On the individual board pages, new rendering drawings have been added and the individual sections highlighted.
  • Also the YouTube Talk to Norfolk ARC online. Thanks to all for the comments and suggestions. They have been very helpful. See the BLOG page for details.

Welcome to the HamPiRadio Home page. The HamPi16 is a 16 band LF/HF/VHF Amateur Radio project for the home constructor. In the initial project the RX & TX works on all HF bands (160m to 10m) plus the 50mHz and 70mHz bands (6m & 2M). On receive it works on the two LF bands 160 & 475 kHz and VHF 144mHz. In the future the LF and VHF Rf Amplifiers and switching will be developed, and other fancy things like a waterfall display. The emphasis on the initial project has been quality basics of the receiver and transmitter. This is a project you are encouraged to get involved with for ongoing developments and improvement.

Below are two short videos of a recent comparison on-air. The first is comparing an Issue 1.0 HamPi with a Yeasu FT902DM, known for their great receiver. The second is of final pre-launch Prototype HamPi and the ICOM IC-7300. Not bad results at all. For more comprehensive and ongoing comparisons see the Test Results page. Note also the new HamPi S meter with peak reading.

Further lab testing is under way not an Issue 1.0 set is built. These boards are available now in New Zealand, and will be available in the UK and Europe in about 4 weeks. See the SHOP page for more details. Further down the page are more pictures of the ongoing project. See the other pages for details of each board / module.

See also the BLOG page, it has the latest updates. When you click and open a BLOG you can also leave comments there.

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