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New TFT Display on 40mtr LSB-Wide filter

    New TFT Display on 30mtr CW-Narrow filter

Latest News

*** 5 May2024 ***

  1. The concept for the HamPiRadio is currently being rethought. The complete design will soon be Open-Sourced and available on GitHub, meaning the design will be available for download and private use by constructors and designers alike.
  2. A DISCORD account has already been activated. This is a chat, video App with threads for designers (you?) to make contributions to the project and design. If you are interested and want to be actively involved please contact me saying how you would like to contribute and I will send you a DISCORD invitation link. (See Contact page). Discord in on many platforms such as Desktops / Laptops, and mobile phones. Please note: This is not intended to be a free for all chats and comments, but for people who will constructively contribute and improve the current design. For example in the areas of RF, AUDIO and Digital electronic design, Radio Testing, Software (Using ‘C’), and mechanical design (the Case and front panel appearance. There is a small amount of 3-D Printing desired as well for the Front Panel Bezel. So, if you want to be a serious contributor, we are excited to hear from you…
  3. Some parts will still be sold from here on a non profit making basis, or constructors can buy them themselves.
  4. A list of more specific design needs will be ongoing as DISCORD threads. (See above)
  5. The final hurdle! There are just two small but important ongoing issues on the Radio Board, both RF in nature.
  6. The project has been working well for ages I have had quite a few QSOs already. See QRZ.com ZL3AX

Welcome: HamPiRadio Project

The HamPi16 is a 16 band LF/HF/VHF Amateur Radio project for the home constructor. In initial project will receive and transmit (CW & SSB) works on all HF bands (160m to 10m 100W) plus the 50mHz and 70mHz bands (6m & 4M Lower power). On receive it also works on the two LF bands 160 & 475 kHz and VHF 144mHz. In the future the LF and VHF RF Amplifiers and switching can be developed in a separate housing(s). The emphasis on the initial project has been quality basics of the receiver and transmitter. This is a project you are encouraged to get involved with for ongoing developments and improvement.

The concept demanded that this transceiver be easy to use, with the important functions right there on the front panel. When working that sought after and rare DX it is frustrating to have to wade through menus to find the right filter, or RIT, or notch filter, or adjust the gain of the various receiver stages to reduce QRM. The HamPiRadio has adopted the controls really needed instantly in the form of a real knob, or a single press keypad button. The photos here will say more than words… There are also some other handy features to be seen on the Features page.

Below are two short videos of comparisons on-air (These were a while ago before LCD display was replaced with a TFT display). The first video is comparing an Issue 1.0 HamPiRadio with a Yaesu FT902DM which is well known for its great receiver. The second is of HamPiRadio and the ICOM IC-7300. As you can see the HamPiRadio outperforms the FT_902DM, and is ever bit as good as the IC-7300, and may even have the edge. For more comprehensive technical comparisons see the Test Results page.

Bare printed circuit boards are available now in New Zealand and the UK (Europe) and can be ordered as sets of 6. See the SHOP page for more details. Further down the page are more pictures of the ongoing project. See the other pages for details of each board / module.