CPU Board

CPU / User Interface Control Board

Sections on the CPU / Display board. See also the photo below.

The CPU / Display board board sections. A basic setup can exclude the USB Hub and VFO Si5351. The VFO Si5351 is best to have on the Radio board, but the layout was left on this board as it can be used for an oscillator from a few kHz to over 150mHz and used as a signal source for other projects or the basis for a Signal Generator. More options here a) for a Si5351 module sub board sold cheaply having three outputs , or an on board Si5351 is and a TCXO for an oscillator with very low drift. Two SMA Coax sockets are provided for outputs.

Features in full

  • 2 x Arduino NANO controllers. If USB and remote CAT is required the Master NANO needs to be upgraded to an Arduino EVERY.
  • 20 button Keypad (a sub board with 3-wire connection)
  • 20 x 4 line LCD or TFT colour display (The TFT software is to follow)
  • Digital glue logic and radio function control interfaces
  • 2 x Rotary controls, Tuning control (400ppr) and Functions control
  • USB 4 port hub for interact to a PC (etc) using USB (optional) for CAT control (CAT software to follow)
  • USB sound card for audio input and output to computer using USB
  • A sturdy rear mounted USB-B connection to your desktop / laptop computer connection
  • The board also has layout to add a Si5351 IC and TCXO, or a standard Si5351 sub-board. This is an extra and not normally for the functionality in this project. It can be used to design a general purpose oscillator, local oscillator for other projects, or the basis for a signal generator (create your own software!).
  • Spare I2C connections

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