Last update V001 6.20pm NZ time 1 Aug 2021

Orders are now being taken for PCBs and short kits. Please read all of the following carefully.

The short kits will be just that. Part of this hobby is the fun or sourcing parts and running to the post box in the mornings! It is not so much fun to be a supplier and do complete kits. This is not a formal business or project, but my hobby, and I am just sharing this project with other HAMs who want to build this Transceiver which has taken over 3000 hours to design, and has been full of leanings and very enjoyable. Apologies, but doing full kits for me would take the enjoyment away and I am keen to spend much more time on air with the HamPi rigs here.

ll items add shipping.

Price NZ$ Price GBP Price EUR Price USD
Set of 6 PCBs
(Front Panel, CPU+Keypad, BPF, Radio & PA)
6 off160.0080.0095.00112.00
Band Pass Filter TransformersSet of 5050.0025.00
Set of ferrite cores for Radio Board18.009.00

Parts and notes

  1. A complete set of 6 PCBs (Radio PCB, CPU PCB, Keypad PCB, Band Pass Filter PCB, PA PCB, Front panel PCB)
  2. Individual PCBs are being offered, as are individual PCB Short Kits.
  3. In the tables below is a column marked ‘Stock‘. These are parts I have in stock which are for sale, until gone. After that only parts in the ‘Short Kit‘ will be on sale.
  4. Short Kits. This will include some of the more obscure parts.
    • 10mm Transformer cores. (The now obsolete TOKO type 10k series). These are for the Bandpass Filters, 2 x IF notch filters and the Noise Blanker amplifier on the Radio board. These coils have been specially wound and manufactured fort his project to get the highest performance. Other cores are ok, but can have more loss. You can buy these elsewhere and experiment also.
    • Some Ferrite cores such as the HamPi mini-FT37-43, they are smaller than the standard FT37-43 and a lot cheaper.
    • Filters. These can be purchased directly from Spectrum Communications Link here. You can also buy the same parts from Spectrum from his EBAY shop. I recommend the 9mHz, 2.3kHz bandwidth 6 stage SSB filter, and the 9mHz, 500kHz bandwidth 5 stage CW filter. A CW filter is optional, and need not be fitted if you are not into CW. There is an integrated Audio filter for CW as well. It must be noted that Spectrum have kindly designed the CW filter very recently on request, which is very appreciated. They will be available soon.
  5. Unless mentioned components can be of a generic type. For instance all decoupling capacitors on the Radio Board are disk ceramic, 20% tolerance. Any similar capacitor can be used. Resistors for the same board used were Leaded 7.76mm 2% 1/4W, and I suggest similar are used. One BOMS some Capacitors are more critical and any marked with an M (eg M10n) are to be Mylar Capacitors). These are all in the Audio Filter section.
  6. Arduino NANO EVERY & NANO Standard Controllers (Master & Slave) pre-programmed (Software binary will be made available for free download on this website).
  7. Case. These are very expensive in New Zealand. They will be for sale, but the plans will also be made available for free download so you can get them made yourself locally. The case parts can be manufactured by water or laser cutting, or if you are really into metalwork, made at home by hand.
  8. Footprints. Many of the PCB footprints on this project have been made to cater for fitting a variety of parts. This allows for the experimenter to play around, or those with houses full of parts to use what they have. An example of this is the BF998 SMD Dual-Gate FET, which has a combinations footprint for SMD or Leaded parts, such the the 3SK51 (etc) leaded part and others can be fitted. Please note all combinations have not been tested (That would be nearly impossible!), and no assurance of performance is given.
  9. ALiExpress. I have used ALiExpress mainly as they are cheap and easy to use here in New Zealand, with very few issues. Delivery is slow at this time due to Covid. Apart from that these are the only parts I have had issue with: LM380 Audio Amp IC, fakes and sub quality. RD70HVF1, but see the ext point.
  10. *** A special note *** The RD70HVF1 Finals are an interesting to source. I strongly suggest if you are buying them from AliExpress that you use AIICKING Store. They provided good parts. The issue I have with this part is that there are suppliers that sell them with no Mitsubishi stamp on them. These may or may not work, a bit of a gamble. These parts also have short / cropped lead-out tabs. My guess (And it is a guess, but having worked in the industry for decades this does happen) is that when Mitsubishi do a production run, they have various test quality results on parts. The best quality are stamped RD70HVF1, have longer leads and sold. The next best quality I suspect don’t reach the 520mHz result, and are stamped and sold as RF100HHF1, which perform well at 100W at lower frequencies… These will probably work in the HamPi well, but have not been tested. The RD70HVF1 will easily do this anyway. The next lower quality parts could then have had their leads clipped, and rather than thrown away sold on to the ‘market’ place by other suppliers, stamped and sold as the real thing with no Mitsubishi stamp. Anyway, have a look around at the specification, especially the feedback on the store selling them, and the photos you will see what I mean. Insist on Original Parts and Only with a Mitsubishi stamp. Testing is covered elsewhere.
  11. The OMRON G6K-2P-Y 5v Relays add up the cost on the BandPass board. There is an option to save money here by using a PIN diode option, or even SMD 1N4148 diodes. This will cause an extra 0.6dB loss, but in most cases this is acceptable. During testing of previous versions there was some interaction between filters due to the capacitance of the diodes. A further modification has been done to bias all diodes hard off, but this has net been tested with a fully loaded board as yet. It will be in the next couple of weeks.

CPU & Keypad Boards Short Kit BOM Costs

ItemDetailStockQtyPrice NZ$Price GBPPrice EURPrice USD
1Arduino NANO EVERY ATMEGA4809$26.40$13.46$15.58$18.48
2Arduino NANO ATMEGA328P$10.50$5.36$6.20$7.35
3Connector skt strip for NANOs$1.75$0.89$1.03$1.23
43.2” TFT ILI9341 SPI 14-pinSIP NoTouch$31.50$16.07$18.59$22.05
5IC GL850G USB SSOP-28 pin$4.55$2.32$2.68$3.19
612mHz XTAL USB 5 x 3mm$0.61$0.31$0.36$0.43
7Function Rotary control (board)y1$1.75$0.89$1.03$1.23
82-pin connector P&S 13.8V Feed (test)$0.44$0.22$0.26$0.31
93-pin connector P&S Keypad$0.44$0.22$0.26$0.31
104-pin connector P&S (Tune, VFOIDC)$1.75$0.89$1.03$1.23
115-pin connector USBs$1.75$0.89$1.03$1.23
1226pin IDC PLUG Radio$0.65$0.33$0.38$0.45
1320pin IDC PLUG PA$0.65$0.33$0.38$0.45
1416pin IDC PLUG BPF$0.65$0.33$0.38$0.45
15PCB Socket USB-A type (Sound card)$0.88$0.45$0.52$0.61
16BSS84 SOT23$0.56$0.29$0.33$0.39
17BSS138 SOT23$0.49$0.25$0.29$0.34
18Tuning knob 40*18MM (Delux!)$9.63$4.91$5.68$6.74
19300/360/400PPR Rotary Encoder (Tuning) DC 5V-24V$24.00$12.24$14.16$16.80
20Nylon spacers 10mmxM3 x 4$0.49$0.25$0.29$0.34
21Keypad Keys 12x12x7.3 Tactile$3.50$1.79$2.07$2.45
22Keypad Tops (Grey, or choose)$3.50$1.79$2.07$2.45
23USB Micro cable 150mm min (To Nano Every)$5.69$2.90$3.36$3.98
24USB B panel cable U2-121 500mm$5.25$2.68$3.10$3.68
25USB Sound Card CM108$11.24$5.73$6.63$7.86
272 x LED Red Yellow Green$0.53$0.27$0.31$0.37
28 PCB x 2 (CPU x1 + Keypad x1) 71 $32.00 $ 16.32 $18.88 $22.40
29 PCB Front Panel 71 $32.00 $ 16.32 $18.88 $22.40
Totals$213.12 $108.69 $125.74 $149.18

Radio Board Short Kit BOM Costs

ItemDetailStockQtyPrice NZ$Price GBPPrice EURPrice USD
1Resistors Leaded 7.76mm 2% 1/4W$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
2BB910 Varicap$0.70$0.36$0.41$0.49
3LM380 IC Audio Amp (Many fakes around, recommend TDA2003 below)$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
4TDA2003 IC Audio Amp$0.88$0.45$0.52$0.61
5CA3240 IC$1.23$0.62$0.72$0.86
6NE612 IC$1.75$0.89$1.03$1.23
7NE5532 IC$0.53$0.27$0.31$0.37
8NE5534 IC$0.26$0.13$0.15$0.18
9SL6270 IC$3.50$1.79$2.07$2.45
10LM2903 IC$0.35$0.18$0.21$0.25
11Si5351a module/board #(A little drift, so if stability needed for digital modes used the two below)$24.50$12.50$14.46$17.15
12Si5351a IC MSOP10 and$8.75$4.46$5.16$6.13
1325mHz TCXO and$13.30$6.78$7.85$9.31
16XTAL 9mHz or 10.7mHz (Not a resonator)$7.88$4.02$4.65$5.51
17XTAL Resonator 9 or 10.7$1.84$0.94$1.08$1.29
18XTAL SSB Filter 9mHz 2.3kHz (Spectrum)$80.50$41.06$47.50$56.35
19XTAL CW Filter 9mHz 500hZ (Spectrum)$80.50$41.06$47.50$56.35
20Mixer SBL-1 OR ADE-1-24 smd y1$8.75$4.46$5.16$6.13
21Ferrite BN43 2402 (pp)$0.88$0.45$0.52$0.61
22Ferrite HamPi 3743 (or FT37-43)https://www.hampiradio.com40010$3.50$1.79$2.07$2.45
2310mm Transformer HamPi 3245 (TOKO 4520)https://www.hampiradio.comOO2$2.03$1.04$1.20$1.42
24Inductor T37-6 (yellow)$1.05$0.54$0.62$0.74
25Inductor T50-6 (yellow)$2.80$1.43$1.65$1.96
26J310 JFET smd$1.58$0.80$0.93$1.10
27BF998 dual gate MOSFET smd$1.75$0.89$1.03$1.23
28BSS138 smd$0.21$0.11$0.12$0.15
295k Variable Resistor 15mm shaft$0.88$0.45$0.52$0.61
3010k Variable Resistor 15mm shaft$0.88$0.45$0.52$0.61
311M and 100k Variable Resistor 15mm shaft$0.88$0.45$0.52$0.61
324-pin connector P&S (VFO IDC)$0.35$0.18$0.21$0.25
333-pin connector P&S (mic in)$0.35$0.18$0.21$0.25
342-pin connector P&S$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
35Jack skts sterio (key & Headphones)$1.05$0.54$0.62$0.74
36SMA Coaxual Socket PCB mount (Rfin Ifout)$2.80$1.43$1.65$1.96
37IDC Plug 26 pin$1.28$0.65$0.75$0.89
38Relay OMRON G6K-2P-Y 5v$11.20$5.71$6.61$7.84
39MMBT3904 Transistor$0.70$0.36$0.41$0.49
40Rotary Switch (AF Filter)$1.75$0.89$1.03$1.23
41Noise Blanker on/off switch 6.25mm 1/4 Inch$3.50$1.79$2.07$2.45
42Microphone chassis plug (4 pin)$3.50$1.79$2.07$2.45
43PCB 71$32.00$16.32$18.88$22.40
44Control Knobs for pots (You can choose)$2.45$1.25$1.45$1.72
45Mylar Capacitor Kit$13.22$0.00$0.00$0.00

BandPass Filter Board Short Kit BOM Costs

ItemDetailStockQtyPrice NZ$Price GBPPrice EURPrice USD
1Relay OMRON G6K-2P-Y 5v$109.20$55.60$64.43$76.44
210mm Transformer HamPi 3245 (TOKO 4520)
14 bands x 3 + 2 Notch (1550 0.4 +60=680
https://www.hampiradio.comOn order50$65.00$33.15$38.35$45.50
3L 3.9uH$0.04$0.02$0.02$0.02
4L 1mH$0.04$0.02$0.02$0.02
5L 100uH$0.35$0.18$0.21$0.25
6PIN Diode (Use 1N4148 smd)$0.21$0.11$0.12$0.15
7Diode Zener 3v3 0805$0.07$0.04$0.04$0.05
874LS156N IC 16 pin DIL$4.20$2.14$2.48$2.94
978M05 Regulator smd$0.53$0.27$0.31$0.37
10J310 JFET smd$1.05$0.54$0.62$0.74
11BSS84 smd$1.47$0.75$0.87$1.03
12LED 0805 smd Colour your choice$0.67$0.34$0.39$0.47
1316pin IDC PLUG BPF$0.65$0.33$0.38$0.45
14SMA Coaxual Socket PCB mount (Rfin Ifout)$5.60$2.86$3.30$3.92
15Ferrite BN43 2402$0.88$0.45$0.52$0.61
162-pin connector P&S (13.8 test voltage)$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
17PCB 71$32.00$16.32$18.88$22.40

PA Board Short Kit BOM Costs

ItemStockQtyPrice NZ$Price GBPPrice EURPrice USD
1Resistor 1R 2512$0.14$0.07$0.08$0.10
2Resistor 22R 2512$0.14$0.07$0.08$0.10
3Resistor 27R 2512$0.14$0.07$0.08$0.10
4Resistor 100R 1206$0.04$0.02$0.02$0.02
5Resistor 1R$0.07$0.04$0.04$0.05
6Resistor R001 2512$0.14$0.07$0.08$0.10
76n8 1206$0.14$0.07$0.08$0.10
81n 1206$0.07$0.04$0.04$0.05
910n 1206$0.07$0.04$0.04$0.05
10100p 1206$0.14$0.07$0.08$0.10
1110n 600V High voltage Ceramic Capacitor$0.70$0.36$0.41$0.49
12470p 600V High voltage Ceramic Capacitor$1.75$0.89$1.03$1.23
13150p 600V High voltage Ceramic Capacitor$2.45$1.25$1.45$1.72
14820p 600V High voltage Ceramic Capacitor$1.75$0.89$1.03$1.23
15680p 600V High voltage Ceramic Capacitor$0.35$0.18$0.21$0.25
161500p 600V High voltage Ceramic Capacitor$1.75$0.89$1.03$1.23
1756p 600V High voltage Ceramic Capacitor$1.75$0.89$1.03$1.23
18100p 600V High voltage Ceramic Capacitor$1.75$0.89$1.03$1.23
19220p 600V High voltage Ceramic Capacitor$0.70$0.36$0.41$0.49
20T68-2 RED pp$15.40$7.85$9.09$10.78
21T68-6 YELLOW pp$42.00$21.42$24.78$29.40
23Pot / Trimmer smd set for this board$4.20$2.14$2.48$2.94
24LED 0805 smd$0.32$0.16$0.19$0.22
25Diode 5v1 Zener$0.21$0.11$0.12$0.15
26IC PCF8574 (SMD type with small convert PCB)$12.00$6.12$7.08$8.40
27IC PCF8591 (SMD type with small convert PCB)$6.13$3.12$3.61$4.29
28IC INA199A1 (Option, not really needed)$0.72$0.37$0.42$0.50
2978M05 Regulator$0.70$0.36$0.41$0.49
3078M09 Regulator$0.70$0.36$0.41$0.49
31LM35-LP Temperature Sensor$0.70$0.36$0.41$0.49
32TO220 45C Norm Open Temperature Switch$1.23$0.62$0.72$0.86
33Fuse holders 15mm + 5 & 25A fuse$10.50$5.36$6.20$7.35
342N3904 Transistor$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
37BF998 MOSFET smd$0.35$0.18$0.21$0.25
38T1, 2, 8 Ferrite BN43-2402 pp$1.31$0.67$0.77$0.92
39T4 Ferrite BN43-202 pp$1.75$0.89$1.03$1.23
40T5 Ferrite BN61-002 pp$26.25$13.39$15.49$18.38
41T7 Ferrite T50-43 feedback tfmr pp$1.31$0.67$0.77$0.92
42T6 Ferrite T37-43 SWR Transformer pp$0.88$0.45$0.52$0.61
43Relay OMRON G6K-2P-Y 5v$3.05$1.55$1.80$2.13
44Relay_DPDT K19F-DC5V-SHG$19.60$10.00$11.56$13.72
4510k Thermistor MF52-10K$1.75$0.89$1.03$1.23
46RD01MUS1 Mitsubishi (4 + 10 on way)$4.90$2.50$2.89$3.43
47RD15HVF1 Mitsubishi *** See notes ***$21.00$10.71$12.39$14.70
48RD70HVF1 Mitsubishi *** See notes ***$120.00$61.20$70.80$84.00
4920pin IDC PLUG PA$0.65$0.33$0.38$0.45
50SMA Coaxual Socket PCB mount (Rfin Ifout)$2.80$1.43$1.65$1.96
51SO259 Square Chassis socket 4xM3$8.75$4.46$5.16$6.13

Case and Hardware BOM Costs

The case plans will be put on these web pages soon (i.e. no charge). I had 3 cases made here in New Zealand and they cost NZD550 for 3. They have been designed to be flat-pack so easy for postage. The idea is that the constructor can get them make locally in your own country, either as an individual or a group, or if you want to have them manufactures and supply them please contact me and discuss. If your mechanical design skills are better than mine and you want to design a more sexy case, there could be a possibility here…