The Case

Two different prototype cases have been trialled so far, and am happy with the result. How to choose a colour?! The current thinking is to supply cased untreated, and the constructor can treat them as they please. Shone aluminium, Painted, Anodised. For a first prototype the case design turned out really well, with surprisingly few errors. They are adjustments really. This one is undecorated with VHT etching primer and looks really nice. Suggestions so far are Black, Olive or military green. The front panel a PCB with green solder-mask, and feedback has been good. The number is screws seems excessive, and may well be reduced, as the case is really rigid enough. Another case was built using hex, or Allen M3 screws, and that looks really smart. A handle and feet are on their way too…

Front Panel Board

At this time the front panel is a PCB. This was chosen for cost and ease of design reasons, but may be reviewed in the future and become an aluminium or steel panel painted / treated and silk screen printed. The green solder mask will shortly be trialled in black.

At a future time this front may be evolved to use a graphic display with a more powerful processor, but at this time it works perfectly well, and as it is the quality of the receiver and transmitter that is the emphasis, so this has not been a priority.