A CW Crystal Filter is coming!

During this mornings broadcast talk to the UK Norfolk Amateur Radio Club, there were questions about the inclusion of a CW Crystal Filter, which is only catered for currently with an Audio CW filter after the SSB Crystal filter. I am now designing in a CW Crystal Filter, and this will be part of the …
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Why SINAD for SSB measurements?

I have adopted SINAD as a test method for comparing the HamPi to other Ham receivers. to understand why see the comments on the Test Results page, and also these: For further reading & viewing:– Video by Rohde Schwarz– Article by Electronics-Notes– Article by Repeater Builder

New Website

Welcome to the completely new web-site. Now the product is launched and parts available (See SHOP page) there has been time to update and recreate this site. Enjoy looking around and if you have any questions or contributions please do contact me. Michael